Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Bob Page

Welcome to THE BOB PAGE ! 


   It all started a few years ago-- while I was a student at Catawba College taking a class in Internet / Web Design, I developed my own web site.  It was a huge project-- the finished product was 25 pages long It included things like pictures, web links, and info about what was going on at the time.  It got pretty crazy !  Some of my friends thought it was a pretty cool site.    It was something that I enjoyed putting together. 

  And now-- over 15 years later-- I'm creating it again-- hopefully this time, more permanently-- and for a wider audience.  I have almost 1,000 Facebook friends now, along with accounts at Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others.  And I've got a few hobbies or business interests that I have to share and promote.  I may be a bit biased, but I think that I have a lot of cool things to share with you-- so I hope you'll take a liking to this place and come back often to check it out!

  So-- what are we waiting for ?   OK -- HERE it is -- The Bob Page!  =)

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