Thursday, October 10, 2013

Songs Downloaded to YouTube

I'm happy to say that live versions of several of my original songs have been downloaded to my YouTube channel.

     They are--

1 "Squirrel's World" (a catchy bluegrass tune about the little animals in my yard);

2 "Cat's Wail" (a bluesy guitar instrumental) ;

3 "Set Me Free" (a bluesy prayer to God) ;  &

4 "Snooze" (a sarcastic, soulful look at sleep).

These were all recorded in August "live" at The Inn, a Christian night spot in Salisbury, NC. 

I'd like to personally thank Melinda Watkins for recording these songs and making them available for downloading to YouTube.

Hope you enjoy them  =)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Watch My "Squirrel's World" Video Now

OK- it's time to go & help your 'ole pal Bob out.. VIEW my VIDEO.. "Squirrel's World".


You can VIEW it as many times as you wish.  If you choose to watch ALL of the videos, please go back and view mine more than once, because if you don't, all you do is neutralize your vote for me.

The video will be up here until the end of September.

The more VIEWS, the more chance I have of winning the Contest & the Grand Prize !

THANKS Everyone !!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Movie Recommendations for Teachers & Families

   I highly recommend these three movies for anyone:  "Beyond the Blackboard", "The Ron Clark Story," and "Front of the Class." These are stories of the challenges of teachers, and especially the challenges of teachers who face either personal handicaps or special needs children.   SEE MORE about this on my Books, TV & Movies page.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Faith Journal

  I've started a new page on my site.. it's called "My Faith Journal".  It's a part of the "Faith Hope & Love" page. 

  I think that you'll really enjoy it, if you take the time to go there and meditate on the thoughts expressed and presented.  It's designed to be a moment-by-moment reflection on daily life, as it's lived.  Whenever I have an inspiration, I will try to share it with you. 

  Today's journals are titled:  "Challenges & Blessings" and "Attics, Basements & Closets."

  I also have a page there (so far blank!)  entitled "Guest Journals".  This is designed for anyone out there that would like to submit a journal or essay for consideration.

  Hope you'll enjoy my journal page a lot!  .. & if you do ..

Please go to the bottom of the page, and select the "Subscribe" feature.  This will give you a notification every time that there's a new journal post published.

© 2014 Bob Wingate

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Say What?- English Expressions

   This particular page on my site is NOT for everyone.  That's probably true of all of them.  But maybe this one in particular.  There will be hard core base of people who will love this, but a majority probably will not care for it.   It's not for the faint of heart.  

   I've spent several years developing this list of English expressions, and while not everyone will enjoy exploring them, I am absolutely sure that if you've lived in the United States for any length of time, or if you've been here since birth, you have used at least SOME of these in your daily conversations.

  Why am I so sure of this ?  First of all, because of my perception and experiences.  I've become more sensitive to these expressions since I began researching them.  But I've become aware that I, and practically everyone around me, have been using these slang colloquial expressions almost every day, without even realizing what we are actually saying.  And yet, we use these almost continuously in our everyday speech.  

  If we did stop a moment and think about it, we would probably realize that we have NO IDEA what we are speaking.  And we would probably become just a little bit curious as to where these expressions actually came from, and why we use them.

  So-- if you're up for it, go check it out.  Just click on the TAB marked "Say What?".

© 2014 Bob Wingate


Tuesday, August 6, 2013


  Just started building a new page on my "GuiTarHeel" blog called "Guitar Gab".  On this page, you can find--

  • guitar class info
  • student testimonials
  • concert reviews
  • stuff that we talk about

  Just go click the Tab Heading marked "GuiTarHeel" and then click on "Guitar Gab."

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Bob Page Hits the Streets!

The Bob Page Hits the Streets!

WARNING:  "The Bob Page" biz cards have been ordered and are "on the way," coming soon to a street and neighborhood near youI began with a totally original idea, and then found this incredible image on one of Vista Print's stock cards.  I thought it was amusing, plus I got an incredible discount for using their card, so I decided to go with it.   

NOTE:  If any of you are my friends, and wish to remain so, please do not indicate any facsimile or resemblance of myself to the man's image on this card.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Men's Trip to Virginia

  Presently on a two-day trip to Abingdon, VA with a group of six other guys.  We spent three hours yesterday biking a 17-mile path on the Creeper Trail.  We've spent the other time here just having the Three F's : fun, food & fellowship !  

 You can read more about the trip & see some pics at my blog page- "Been There-Done That".. go there now by clicking on the page link.

 THANKS-- Bob =)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Bob Page

Welcome to THE BOB PAGE ! 


   It all started a few years ago-- while I was a student at Catawba College taking a class in Internet / Web Design, I developed my own web site.  It was a huge project-- the finished product was 25 pages long It included things like pictures, web links, and info about what was going on at the time.  It got pretty crazy !  Some of my friends thought it was a pretty cool site.    It was something that I enjoyed putting together. 

  And now-- over 15 years later-- I'm creating it again-- hopefully this time, more permanently-- and for a wider audience.  I have almost 1,000 Facebook friends now, along with accounts at Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others.  And I've got a few hobbies or business interests that I have to share and promote.  I may be a bit biased, but I think that I have a lot of cool things to share with you-- so I hope you'll take a liking to this place and come back often to check it out!

  So-- what are we waiting for ?   OK -- HERE it is -- The Bob Page!  =)