Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Faith Journal

  I've started a new page on my site.. it's called "My Faith Journal".  It's a part of the "Faith Hope & Love" page. 

  I think that you'll really enjoy it, if you take the time to go there and meditate on the thoughts expressed and presented.  It's designed to be a moment-by-moment reflection on daily life, as it's lived.  Whenever I have an inspiration, I will try to share it with you. 

  Today's journals are titled:  "Challenges & Blessings" and "Attics, Basements & Closets."

  I also have a page there (so far blank!)  entitled "Guest Journals".  This is designed for anyone out there that would like to submit a journal or essay for consideration.

  Hope you'll enjoy my journal page a lot!  .. & if you do ..

Please go to the bottom of the page, and select the "Subscribe" feature.  This will give you a notification every time that there's a new journal post published.

© 2014 Bob Wingate

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