Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Your Choice : Smart Phone or Deodorant ?

   A recent Bank of America survey showed that 47% of Americans say that they cannot survive -one day- without their smart phones. [I've survived about a month & no worries!]  The survey also revealed that over 91% stated that their phones were as important to them as their car. (!) Also- those aged 18-24 said that their phones were more important to them than their deodorant or their toothbrush.

   Well- I must say, you can always pick up a toothbrush or can of deodorant at any corner drug store. But smart phones are a little harder [ more expensive ] to come by. But I'd advise those young people to continue to invest in their personal hygiene, and especially if they [ and their smart phones ] are in public. 

© 2014 Bob Wingate

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